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Split Second Software can be downloaded and tested in what is called 'Demo Mode' for free.

National / FIS Software

Version 8.06 rev 3   4/4/2024

Recent Modifications

Online Documentation

Help with Masters Races

Ski Club Unleashed!

Version 6.05 rev 2   4/7/2024

Recent Modifications

Online Documentation

Add ZipCode Lookup

The Software is designed to work with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

The non-timing features of the National / FIS Software may be used absolutely FREE by U.S. users thanks to the United States Ski & Snowboard, and by Canadian users thanks to Alpine Ski Alpin.
The full benefits of the Software are realized when external timing devices are attached and the race is managed with the Software. To do this the same software is used with a key and timing license (see below).

The Ski Club Unleashed! Software is similar. The non-timing features are available for use by anyone for FREE. To use the timing features a key and license must be purchased.

Key & License:

  • The same key and license works with the National/FIS, Club.
  • The key may be moved from one computer to another.
  • To use the timing features on more than one computer at the same time (such as two hills, primary plus backup), more than one key and license is needed.
  • Timing features may be fully tested without a key, but the timing screen will close after 2 minutes.
For more information please go to software key & license and pricing


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