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All About Keys:

  • Make sure the date and time is correct on the computer before attaching the key and using the software.
  • The license to use the timing features of the software is stored in the key. The key can be moved to any (PC) computer, and the license will then apply to that computer.
  • The same license is used for the National/FIS, Club, and the Toolbox software interchangeably. In other words, a FIS race could be timed in the morning and a Club race in the afternoon with the same key.
  • The key can remain on the computer at any time.
  • If a 2nd key is needed, a 2nd license will be needed for that key.
  • Without the key or if the key is removed while the software is running the software will go to 'Demo Mode' where the only timing features are for demo purposes.
  • If a key is lost the licensing with the key is lost too!  Take care of the key.
  • The key requires a driver to be installed on the computer. This is installed automatically whenever the software is installed.

Renewing a License:

A key only needs to be purchased once. There is a simple process to update the license in the key:

  • With the key attached start either piece of software.
  • Using the menu at the top of the screen go to: Software Key | Update License.
  • After checking the date it will give two choices:
    1. If this computer is currently online, and you only need to update your license(s) you may do so directly through the software. You will be redirected to a web page for secure payment and the key(s) will be automatically updated.
    2. If not online, or you need something in addition to license(s), you will be directed to a screen that gives a key code for the attached key. The key Code is entered with the order (online or over the phone), and once the order is completed a corresponding update code will be given back. Entering the update code on the same screen will update the license.

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