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Online Documentation
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National / FIS Software Changes     
Club Software Changes
Toolbox Software Changes
These list all changes that have been done to the software. It also includes links to older versions/revisions in case you need to install an older copy for some reason.
National / FIS Powerpoint Special thanks to Thelma Hoessler for this great resource.
SkiRaceHelp This is an excellent series of videos put together by David Iverson. It includes a whole section explaining the use of Split Second Software.
TimingGuys.com This is a great resource for anything related to Timing. There's a forum about 2/3 of the way down the page specifically for Split Second.
Help with Masters Races Special thanks to Deb Lewis, Far West Masters for putting this information together.
Help with FIS Masters Races This is a .pdf document by Phyllis Kennedy. Thank you Phyllis!
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