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Toolbox Software Changes:

Below is a list of changes that may help you decide if you need the latest version/revision of the software (or not).

New versions are created when either a needed change has been made to the software or a significant new feature is added. New revisions are made when only minor changes or additions are released.

       Download the latest version/revision

  • 1/19/2010 ver 1.00, rev 2 : Modified the logic when connecting in Demo Mode so that the allowed time is only activated when a true connection is made to the software.

Version 1.00  1/18/2010

  • First release of the Toolbox software. Features include:
  • Works with the National/FIS software with 1 run and 2 run formats.
  • Requires a key and license or demo mode may be used for up to 10 minutes at a time if an internet connection is available.
  • Ability to view basic header information.
  • Ability to view competitor list.
  • Option to view detailed competitor information.
  • Competitor list may be sorted as needed. Sorted order is maintained.
  • 'Automatic' sort feature which will sort by Name, Bib Number, Start Number, 1st Run result, or Combined result depending on which data is set.
  • Ability to see full data while timing including competitor in start gate, competitors on course, recently finished and leaders.
  • Timing screen can be resized and all aspects of the screen adjust for optimal viewing or for clearer display via TV or projector.
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