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Split Second is the main supplier of Ski Timing & Scoring Software in the US and Canada, with markets in many other countries. We are proud to have stayed at the forefront of technology since 1990, creating cutting-edge software solutions for sports with a user-friendly approach.

If you're looking for the best way to manage your races and interface to timing equipment, or judging systems, you're in the right place...

Latest Versions of Software:       Further Details       Documentation

     National / FIS Software          8.02 rev 1    5/10/2022     modifications     
     Ski Club Unleashed! 6.02 rev 1 5/9/2022 modifications     

     5/9/2022  NEW!!   24 Hour Online Licenses

At the request of many customers we now offer 24 Hour Licenses!
A 24 Hour Online License is a way to temporarily enable the timing features of the software without the usual requirement of a key. They are included free with licenses 6 months or longer or may be purchased.These are incredibly useful for situations like:
  • That one race that's scheduled after your license has expired.
  • That day where you're hosting more races at once than you have keys and licenses.
  • That race that needs backup timing that you hadn't planned on.
  • That emergency where you lost your key or there's a problem with the key.
For a full explanation please click here.

Click here to learn about Digital Scoreboards.

     TV Scoreboard

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