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Split Second is the main supplier of Ski Timing & Scoring Software in the US and Canada, with markets in many other countries. We are proud to have stayed at the forefront of technology since 1990, creating cutting-edge software solutions for sports with a user-friendly approach.

If you're looking for the best way to manage your races and interface to timing equipment, or judging systems, you're in the right place...

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     National / FIS Software          6.82 rev 5    12/6/2018     modifications     
     Ski Club Unleashed! 5.03 rev 15 8/31/2018 modifications     

     12/3/2018  Digital Posting Board

TV Scoreboard   The latest revision of the Nat/FIS software (6.82 rev 4) includes a new "Digital Scoreboard" option - the Digital Posting Board.

This shows 50 competitors at a time, always sorted by Bib, with all the information you would typically see on a posting board in the finish area of a race.

Recent results are hilighted in yellow. If more than 50 racers it will go through multiple pages every 30 seconds.

Note1: Currently the Digital Scoreboard options are only in the Nat/FIS software, but will be added to Club and NASTAR ASAP.

Note2: These options do not scale, they are designed for 1080P resolution only (1080x1920 pixels).

Special thanks to Fred at Phoenix Sports Technology for the idea and design for this screen.

     9/18/2018  The Future of Scoreboards is Here!

This season all software (Nat/FIS, Club, and NASTAR) will have the ability to output a Scoreboard image via TV output (HDMI).

This means you can take advantage of off-the-shelf, low priced, readily available TV products in any way you see fit:
  • For temporary display around the finish area.
  • For permanent mounting on your timing building.
  • Any size TV you choose to purchase.
  • Weather proof TVs are available (partial shade, or full sun).
  • Off-the-shelf Video Wall technology to create a HUGE "scoreboard".
  • Feed into the resort TV Network
  • Wired or wireless.

TV Scoreboard
Note: These photos were taken with running 10ths. Elapsed times are displayed to 1/100th along with rank.
TV ScoreboardTiming Display:
  • Directly controlled by the timing computer, so no delay.
  • Running time to 1/10th second.
  • Elapsed of run and Rank.
  • For two run races it as expected it shows 1st, 2nd and Combined time with ranks for each.
  • Competitor List / Leader Board which scrolls 10 competitors at a time.
  • Leader Board automatically changes to full screen when no competitors are on course.
  • Optional info/alert message.

Display shown here:
  • 43 inch SunBrite Outdoor TV (relatively small).
  • Signal sent wirelessly (up to 660 ft range).
The plan is to have multiple formats for you to use:
  • The display to the right could be used when not running a race. It displays the time-of-day and optional messages.
  • Another similar screen is planned that will scroll through user provided graphics. To promote sponsors, upcoming events etc.
  • A different layout for the timing screen is planned for use with Intermediates and Speed Trap data.
TV Scoreboard
TV ScoreboardTiming Computer.

This is the configuration used in these examples:

  • It's all done via a 2nd monitor attached to the Timing Computer.
  • All layouts are based on the 1080p format (1080x1920 pixels). The computer and all displays must be capable of this resolution (most PCs, and virtually all displays will).
  • From the computer a cable goes to an HDMI splitter.
  • One output of the splitter goes to the monitor next to the computer. This is so you can see what's being displayed.
  • In this example the other output from the splitter goes to an HDMI wireless transmitter.
  • Behind the TV that's outside is an HDMI wireless receiver.
A number of customer have asked what equipment we used in our test setup. The choice is your of course, but for reference, this is what we used:
      Outdoor TV
      TV Tripod (seems really good but would need level ground)
      Wireless HDMI Extender
      HDMI splitter

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