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Split Second is the main supplier of Ski Timing & Scoring Software in the US and Canada, with markets in many other countries. We are proud to have stayed at the forefront of technology since 1990, creating cutting-edge software solutions for sports with a user-friendly approach.

If you're looking for the best way to manage your races and interface to timing equipment, or judging systems, you're in the right place...

Latest Versions of Software:       Further Details       Documentation

     National / FIS Software          8.04 rev 3    3/10/2023     modifications     
     Ski Club Unleashed! 6.03 rev 3 2/11/2023 modifications     

     5/9/2022  NEW!!   24 Hour Online Licenses

At the request of many customers we now offer 24 Hour Licenses!
A 24 Hour Online License is a way to temporarily enable the timing features of the software without the usual requirement of a key. They are included free with licenses 6 months or longer or may be purchased.These are incredibly useful for situations like:
  • That one race that's scheduled after your license has expired.
  • That day where you're hosting more races at once than you have keys and licenses.
  • That race that needs backup timing that you hadn't planned on.
  • That emergency where you lost your key or there's a problem with the key.
For a full explanation please click here.
     12/2/2022  25% Discount via Bitcoin!

Several years ago we set up a process to accept payments via Bitcoin. Nobody used it!
Times have changed and Bitcoin has become much more understood and accepted. So, we're accepting it again.
All payments via Bitcoin will be discountd by a HUGE 25%.
So, save yourself real money, and pay via Bitcoin. (it might just be the motivation you've needed to learn about this rapidly growing technology)
Order as usual and once you're on the "step 3" page take the "Pay with Bitcoin" link towards the bottom.

Click here to learn about Digital Scoreboards.

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