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Timing Hardware:

Split Second specializes in software and just a couple of related hardware items. Our software interfaces to hardware made by virtually all major ski timing manufacturers. Below are links that may be useful:

    ALGE & TAG Heuer (all of North America)   Phoenix Sports Technology     610.398.3977
    USA : Microgate   Sports Timing International   610.398.3977
    Canada: Microgate   Richard Sports Services   514.293.9582
    Summit Systems   Summit Systems   801.278.7999

Sports Organizations:

    United States Ski & Snowboard
    ACA   Alpine Canada Alpin
    FIS   International Ski Federation

A different Split Second?

    Automotive   SplitSec.com   949.863.1359
    Running, FL   SplitSecondTiming.com   954.384.7521
    Australia   SplitSecond.com.au   +61 (02) 9981 6069


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