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We are pleased to announce: We're once again a USSA Software Vendor.
If you have any questions, as always, please contact me. Geoff Elder  Split Second

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One of the most difficult support issues we face is helping our customers with serial connections to connect timers and scoreboards to their computers.
The usual approach to this is with adapters either via USB ports or PC Card slots.
But, given there are so many manufacturers we often have limited ability to help in diagnosing and helping with problems. They don't all work as well as you would hope!

In an effort to solve this we recommend the following USB to Serial adapters:

USB to Serial Adapter by ATEN
ATEN USB to Serial Adapter The ATEN UC232A would be our first recommendation. Works well and as far as we know it's the only one that works with Windows 8.
The manufacturer's page is here.
Available from a number of suppliers including:
USB to Serial Adapter by Sewell  

USB to Serial Adapter This is an adapters that we sold for a number of years. It is inexpensive and works well but as far as we know doesn't support Windows 8. Available here


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