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This covers specific timers, how to set them up, and use them with the software.

  • Split Second does not make the cables to interface timers to the computer. Please contact your timing supplier and specify that it needs to work with Split Second (some cables are made in different ways).

ALGE Timy3 TAG Heuer CP545
ALGE Timy         TAG Heuer CP540
ALGE TdC8000 Plus TAG Heuer CP520/705
ALGE TdC4000 (n/a) TAG Heuer PTB605
ALGE S4 TAG Heuer Chronoprinter 503
ALGE S3 (n/a) TAG Heuer Chronoprinter 505
ALGE Comet
Microgate REI 2 dual wireless
Microgate Racetime 2        
Summit Systems SRT1000 (n/a)

(Sorry, not all timers have information yet)


ALGE D-line