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Welcome to Split Second.

Split Second is the main supplier of Ski Timing & Scoring Software in the US and Canada, with developing markets in many other Countries. We are proud to have stayed at the forefront of technology since 1990, creating cutting-edge software solutions for sports with a user-friendly approach.

If you're looking for the best way to manage your races and interface to timing equipment, or judging systems, you're in the right place...

Latest Versions of Software:       Further Details       Documentation

     National / FIS Software           6.40 rev 5     2/5/2015     
     Ski Club Unleashed! 5.01 rev 5 2/5/2015     


     6/11/2014  "Blue Key" Promotion:
To encourage and help customers switch to the new driverless keys we are eating the cost and including them at no charge with all orders of 6 months or longer! Shipping charges still apply. This offer will continue through the whole ski season and end March 15th 2015.

     3/7/2014  NEW 'driverless' key:
NEW driverless key

We are excited to announce a new 'driverless' software key that will avoid the driver issues that would happen from time to time with the original (green) USB keys.
  • Technically, the new key uses drivers too but they're already built into Windows.
  • Because the new key uses standard Windows drivers the key may be attached at any time. With the original key the drivers had to be installed before the key was ever attached, otherwise the wrong drivers would be associated with the key, which could be difficult to correct.
  • Reinstalling the drivers for the original key could cause the key/driver association to get tangled up, which could also be difficult to fix. This is not a problem with the new key.
  • And, with the original key the driver could be overwritten by other software. Windows drivers are far more secure within the system since the keyboard and mouse depend on them.
  • There's still a process of installing the key software because special files (called DLLs) are needed for Split Second software to communicate with the key. This process happens during software installation.
  • Other than the driver change this key is functionally identical to the original (green) key.

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