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Live-Timing Data Share Program

Split Second is now allowing some developers access to Live-Timing data:

If you're looking at this page you already know that Live-Timing.com is owned by Split Second. And, that Live-Timing gets data via the Split Second software used at resorts and clubs throughout the U.S. and Canada (and to a lesser extent several other countries).

Several companies have asked for access to this data. We realize that there's some great ideas out there, ideas that aren't in the direction we plan to grow and may not match our areas of expertise. So, we've created a process for selected ventures to access, use and display Live-Timing data in innovative and consumer-useful ways.

Making a win-win

The Live-Timing data has value. We are not looking for financial compensation, but we do want Live-Timing to be recognized and promoted as part of whatever you have planned.

Requirements / Details

Processing and managing the data will take solid programming skills. You will make calls (via .php pages, like this) and the data will be returned in XML format. It's up to you to parse, manage, and present that data.
There are two basic calls:

  1. A call resulting in a list of all races currently available for a particular day (typically "today").
  2. A call for data for a particular race.
If a race is underway you need to call repeatedly. The initial call will give you everything related to the race so far. Each call after that will only give you data that has changed. This means it's up to you to store the relevant race data and manage the incremental data as it's received.


  • Upon acceptance to access the data you will be given a username / password which will be part of the call to request data.
  • Data may not be passed on to another entity or sold.
  • Initially access will only be given for National/FIS ski races as this is the most well defined and consistent race format. In other words, races managed and timed with Split Second's Nat/FIS software.
  • Data must be accessed from one or a very small number of locations. For example: the calls to Live-Timing.com may not be done from JavaScript code used by the public since it would result in a large number of calls (and expose your username etc.). Calls should be made from a set location (your server) or possibly a single application per race running at a resort (perhaps for TV graphics or similar).
  • We reserve the right to accept or deny requests to this program for any reason.
  • We reserve the right to stop allowing access to this program for all or a particular user at any time for any reason.

To request consideration please contact Geoff with the following information:

  • Your name, business name
  • Contact information (email and phone)
  • What you intend to use the data for.
  • How you will promote Live-Timing.
  • Anything else relevant such as: what you do, plan to do, skills etc.
Looking forward to working with you...
Geoff Elder
Split Second / Live-Timing

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