Timers : TAG Heuer CP520/705

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TAG Heuer CP520/705

These timers are grouped together in the software because the data that comes from them has an identical format. There are two selections that apply to these timers in the software. The first one listed is used when the timing is managed on the computer and the timer is used simply as a source for the channel and time of day. The second selection, called 'TAG 520/705 Net Times Only', is used when the management of the timing is done on the timer, and the computer just gets net times and DNFs from the timer.

Net Timing : In the National / FIS software the run is selected when entering the timing screen. In the Club software the run is selected in a box inside the timing screen. It doesn't matter which run is being timed on the timer, the times will be placed in the run selected in the software. The CP 705 can manage DNFs. These are captured by the software and placed in the Trash (DNF section) on the timing screen.

CP 705

When using the CP 705 with time of day data the default inputs are 'Input 1' for Start and 'Input 2' for Finish. These may be changed via the Input Mapping option.

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