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Please Read : Interfacing S4 Timer provided by Phoenix Sports Technology

Below is the original explanation superseded by the document from Phoenix (but left here in case it's useful):

The S4 must be in program 3 - 18 Channel-Timer (Time of day Printer). To change this follow the S4 manual. Some S4s seem to mysteriously change settings. If your S4 has been working fine then for no apparent reason doesn't send data to the computer try resetting it to factory defaults (instructions in the manual and then to program 3 again.

  • Start - Start on Input A
  • Finish - Finish on Input A

The default transmission speed of the S4 is 4800 bps (bits per second). This can be changed to 2400 via an option from the software if needed to match protocols of a scoreboard when using only 1 serial port.

ALGE S4 Cable

Using the S4 with Split Second's software requires a specific cable. This usually isn't a problem in the US because they're made to work with Split Second, but for others (especially Canadian customers) the cable supplied may not work. Split Second no longer assembles custom cables but for reference this is how the S4 cable was made:

ALGE DIN plug: The numbering on this plug is weird (look really closely at the numbers), they are in this pin order: pin 1 : Red wire - to pin 2 on DB9 pin 4 : connected to pin 5 (below) pin 2 : Black (ground) - to pin 5 on DB9 pin 5 : connected to pin 4 (above) pin 3 : not connected

Computer end, DB9: The numbers are very small on these too, but they are there! (not in pin order) pin 2 : Red wire - to pin 1 on DIN pin 5 : Black wire - to pin 2 on DIN pins 4 & 6 : connected together (although supposedly this isn't needed)

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