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Cross Country Times

Many cross country races will have a start time for each competitor but when the race takes place a different start time is actually used. As in the example below a competitor in an individual start race might be listed as starting at 10:10:30 but a start wand is used and their actual start time is 10:10:32.328.

To deal with different race formats and to differentiate these times the software works with a published start time and an actual start time:

Published Start Time

This is the start time used to create a start list. There is a powerful tool for assigning published start times. For details click here.

Actual Start Time

This is the start time of day used to calculate the elapsed time (finish - start = elapsed). The actual start time typically only gets a value when:

  • The published start is copied to the actual start. This would be done in a race where a start wand isn't used and it's assumed somehow that the competitor started when they were supposed to. This may be the case in a mass start or wave start event. The tool to do this is detailed here.
  • The time is assigned via the timing screen. In other words the actual start time is assigned to the competitor when they physically go through the start wand and the time is sent to the software from the timing equipment.

Finish Time

This is the finish time of day used with the actual start time to calculate the elapsed time.