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Time Of Day Edit

This is a tool that lets you edit the time of day for a competitor's result instead of just the elapsed time, which is all that's available via the Edit Competitor screen.

At first glance it's a complicated screen. The reason for this is that it allows you to edit every Time of Day element for both runs; including all potential intermediate, speed trap, and backup times.

It's best if you don't use this screen unless you have to. If the correction can be made with TOD Fix, that would be a better approach with less chance for error.

Some important points when using this screen:

  1. Time of Day information should always be entered to the maximum printing precision of the timer. If your timer prints to 1/10,000th of a second you should enter to that precision.
  2. As well as a time; there's a status. If you enter time of day information where there was previously no result, you will need to set the status to Time.
  3. There are shortcuts that can be used to simplify time entry. Please read the the explanation via the Information (see below).
  4. An elapsed time can't have a start time of day of zero. It has to be 0.000001 or greater. If an elapsed time is entered via the Edit Competitor screen and there isn't already a start time, then the 0.000001 value will be used and added to the finish time to create the correct elapsed.

Data entry explanation: