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This will allow you to delete any one competitor or a block of competitors. It will give you a prompt to ensure that this is really what you want to do before deleting.

NOTE: Once competitors are deleted, their information can’t be restored! If you think you might want to bring the competitor back; consider using Hide.


Simply enter a last name, partial last name, or a bib number to find. At the moment; it, unfortunately, always starts from the top of the list of competitors. So if you do a Find again, it will always find the same person, rather than the next one.


This will move the current competitor or block of competitors.

When you click Move, it will put you in Move mode. A small screen will appear:

Read the instructions on the screen carefully. The next place you click will dictate where the competitor(s) are moved. An extra line is created at the end of the competitor list, so you can move to the end of the list.

If you click the Cancel button on the instruction box, nothing will be moved!