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This screen is accessed via the menu at Edit|Options.


Automatically Capitalize

This is checked by default.

There are a number of fields in the header and while using the Edit Competitor screen that would typically be all in capitals. Having this option checked will capitalize those fields automatically. If you find a field is capitalized when you don't want it to be, uncheck this field.

Automatically Sort

This is checked by default.

There are many situations, such as creating reports, where the competitors should be in a specific order. When this option is checked, it will automatically sort the competitors, as needed. When this is not checked, it will always prompt where it would otherwise sort; to see if you want to sort.

  • Unchecking this is considered an advanced option. Be sure you know what you're doing when you don't agree to sort. It may result in strange outcomes!
Save Time

The software automatically saves your data every few minutes. The frequency may be adjusted via this option.

Auto Print Log

When managing the timing of a race using the software, a log is created of everything that happens. Using this setting, you can have the log printed whenever a new page of the log is completed. If you have a printer connected, this is recommended as a backup.

Default Folder

As explained in other pages, a race or event is stored as a file. A file may be stored wherever you want, but by default it will be saved in the location specified via this option.


Some networks at resorts require web interfaces be managed through a proxy. This page is used to set the values for the proxy. Contact your network administrator for the correct values to use.