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Options that deal with competitors default to dealing with the current competitor (the one with the highlight on it) or to all competitors.

Which options apply to an individual competitor and which apply to all competitors should be intuitive. But for example, by default, the following apply to just the current competitor:

  • Edit
  • Delete
  • TOD Fix
  • Move
  • Hide

And by default, the following apply to all the competitors:

  • Sort
  • Reports
  • Choices in Other Options

Block of Competitors

Many of the options may also be applied to a block of competitors. A block is technically a contiguous group, which means a group of competitors all in a row.

To highlight a block, simply click on the first person (bib 5 below) and drag the mouse across all the people you want to include. In this case 6 competitors, ending with bib 10. The number of competitors in the block is always displayed on the left of the status bar.

Now, when you take an option, if it makes sense, it will apply to just the block of competitors. This is particularly useful for sorting, making reports, and choosing selections from Other Options. Note that as the block is created, the Edit option changes to Block Edit. This is a different edit screen that applies specifically to blocks of competitors.

To change out of block mode, simply click on any competitor.

Block example: