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Example (click to enlarge):

Official's name should be in the format "I. Last (USA)".

There are ways to simplify entering officials' names. If a list is selected under the Factors/Lists page for Officials, a look-up will be performed as the last name of a person is typed. In this case, instead of entering the name as above, start entering the first few letters of the last name and select from the list that appears on the right side of the screen.

If not using a list to look up names, the following things help:

  • If a nation is not entered, it will default to USA (or the country set in the header page).
  • If you enter a country, you don’t need to space it out; it will be done automatically. For example, entering "G. ELDER (NZL)" would result in "G. ELDER (NZL)".

USSA numbers are also needed for all officials. Although these don’t appear on many reports, they are needed in the ski data files that goes to USSA.

If it’s a FIS race, you will need to enter the FIS number of the TD.