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Reports are accessed via the Reports button on the competitors tab:


  • The list of reports and the report created for an option, will change depending on the settings made in the race header.
  • As shown above, some reports are marked with a yellow key icon. These mark reports are the format expected by the national governing body or FIS.
  • By default, the report selected will include all competitors, but most reports can also be generated based on just a blocks of competitors.
  • Some reports will give additional options before generating the report. For example:

  • The first option allows changing from the default language of English to French. Only some alpine reports are available in French at this time.
  • When a report is generated, it's first displayed on the screen. This preview screen allows you to make sure it's exactly what you want before proceeding:

At this point you may:
  • Scroll through the report.
  • Print. Clicking print will bring up a typical Windows print screen allowing all or specific pages to be printed. The process used by the software is unusual because it prints each page as a separate document. This is done to keep each page on it's own piece of paper. This means there isn't an option for two-sided printing.
  • Attach the report to This option is only available if the race has been registered with Click here for more information.
  • Edit the report! The report is presented as text, but may be edited, if needed, before printing, etc. Simply click and type/delete, etc. in the preview box.
  • Save to a file. This option will bring up a save screen that will allow you to save it as a text file.
  • Copy the file. By clicking in the preview box and highlighting all the text (or Ctrl-A), you can copy the report as text by hitting Ctrl-C. This can then be pasted as needed into another application, such as Word, via Paste or hitting Ctrl-V.