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TAG Heuer PTB605

  • Simply turn it on.
  • Start - Input 1
  • Finish - Input 2
  • For Dual Timing Right Start - Input 3, Right Finish - Input 4
  • Press the Red buttons to enable/disable blocking of the inputs!

To synchronize the PTB use the "PTB 605 / 705 Options" on the setup and test screen. Try the "Clear Memory" option from this screen if the PTB doesn't send data to the computer.

There is also a utility supplied with the PTB that offers more options. It comes on 2 diskettes which should be under the PTB in the case. If you don't have it simply unzip and run the following two files (they were originally created this way for floppy disks!).

PTB Controller Version 4.0:

Disk 1

Disk 2

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